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So, Why Make the movie formerly called "Freeze Frame" but now called "19"?

What's A Movie To Do With Helping Vets?

There is nothing stronger than a picture, a story, music, and the artistry of actors, a script that dazzles, direction that keeps us on the edge of our seats while making us think, makes us uncomfortable. Movies sell ideas better than anything on the Internet. And the powerful idea that Jonas and Galit McCord want to sell is that Veterans deserve our active help.

"19" contains the message: soldiers are people who dedicate their lives to protect our country while their lives fall apart around them. We have the responsibility to hold them up while they do their jobs.

Support the making of "19" and you support educating the public so that just maybe we can ensure that the mental and physical health of vets will gain protection one act at a time.

What Is "19"? 

thumb vietnamrequiemIn 1982, the TV news program ABC Closeup commissioned a documentary from the production house Else, Courturie and Korty. The piece was called Vietname Requiem, Executive Produced and directed by Bill Courturie and Jonas McCord (an award-winning screenwriter and producer). It was a documentary about a Vietnam vet in prison. The vet's story, one of trying suicide by police, and his subsequent prison-time, Vietnam Requiem, won a Special Motion Picture Academy Award, a Peabody, and two Emmys, and was viewed by 30 million people. Subsequently, in 1985, Paul Hardcastle recorded the song "19", inspired by the documentary Vietnam Requiem, winning the Ivor Novella award as the best single in the world.

The movie "19" is the story of those who came home from a war where for the first time we called up kids to serve. They were only 19 and went to total war in a strange place with no escape from its violence and then they came home to nothing. No parades. No confetti. No assistance. The results have been ongoing: extreme stress and suicides. Around this time, the term "Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder" or PTSD, was invented to describe what in earlier wars was called Section 8, Combat Fatique and other names for people who continue to be trapped by their war experiences. Listen and watch this video and you'll understand what the movie is about.

"Confessions of an Iraq War Veteran," Acted by Ben Browder as Directed by Galit McCord.

In the early 1990s, Jonas McCord completed a script that encapsulated the story of Albert "PeeWee" Allan Dobbs, the Vietnam veteran in his documentary who was so despondant he attempted suicide by police and ended up arrested and jailed for eight years. In 2006, with the help of his friend, Shakespearean-trained actor Ben Browder, he and his wife, Galit McCord made a short film to look into the saleability of this difficult topic. Tens of thousands of views later, the tears and feedback about other veteran's stories convinced the team to make the movie. It would take 10 more years to figure out how to finance it.

Meanwhile, as the Iraq/Afghanistan War winds up and down, the rate of suicides of active-duty and retired military continues a pace. And nobody says anything about these deaths and the families these men and women leave behind. 

Help complete the financing of "19" and give a voice to these people who have been to Hell and back. 

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This movie is dedicated to Albert Allan "PeeWee" Dobbs (1948 - 2010).

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